‘Dirty’ Totti’s red 2005

Francesco Totti is such a maddening story for fans of AS Roma and the Italy NT. A world class player of almost unparalleled skill, he could arguably be the MVP for any team he might play with -- and not just his provincial preference to remain loyal to his Roma home base.

However, his ability to self-destruct is almost unparalleled in the world of soccer. His ejection for spitting on another player at Euro 2004 likely was a big contributor to the Italy NT not making it past the group stage. And as this recent article from Football Italia indicates, Totti gained the infamous title of the most red carded player in Serie A in 2005:


He might provide some entertainment by celebrating his goals off the touch line with baby props and the like to celebrate his recent fatherhood with wife Ilary. But, unfortunately for Italian football, the Totti jokes are funny because, well, they're true.


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