Cassano on verge of Real switch

Maybe Moggi wasn't kidding this time?

With Cassano's popularity waning heavily while sitting on the bench at AS Roma, it's apparently time for Sensi to cash in on any remaining equity in Cassano.

Who better to turn to than Real Madrid, a team filled with egos that are too big to fit in the Bernabeu. Even worse, Madrid's Perez continues to buy excesses of attacking forwards to sell jerseys in Asia while completely ignoring their anaemic defense.

You can basically hand the La Lega title to Barca at this stage -- Real Madrid has obviously learned nothing from their defeats. And expect Cassano to get plenty of bench time to steam himself into a sauna-like level of discontent. He'll fail and Real Madrid will be forced to resell him back on the transfer market at a 50% discount within the next year.



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